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Dubai, Dec 10: Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates, a leading Billawa organization outside India, celebrated their 13th anniversary in a spectacular and traditional manner at Jumeirah Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Hotel , Dubai.

The Ballroom was decorated with Welcome Gate ("Swagatha Mantapa") and our ladies wing members each and every guest who came in record numbers from all over the world. The backdrop was beautifully created by Chidanand giving it a traditional look. Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates have once again proved to have the ability to present quality event year after year with visible improvements each year


The Chief Guest and other signatories were accorded a warm and traditional welcome by our welcome team and were taken inside the hall after the prayers where each member prayed for the success of the function lead by Satish Ullal & Team.

The main function began with prayer sung by Raghu Jathan & Team. Later people observed 1 minute silence in remembrance of Late Shri Ravindra G. brother of Yogish Kotian, President of Guru Narayana Charitable Trust who expired few days back in a tragic accident in Mangalore.

  Welcome speech by Deepak S.P., a Member of Entertainment Committee of Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates was followed by welcome dance performed by Jashmitha, Beena Rajesh, Smitha Uday, Manashwetha, Deepa Jagannath, Jayashree Sudhakar, Nisha Sudhir, Nisha Ashwin  

A pure classical dance called Nada Nidhana was beautifully presented by the invitee guest Mohan Raj a choreographer cum dancer himself.

The function continued with lighting the lamp by Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates (BDNE) Committee members along with the Guests. President Mohan Attavar, Vice-President, Praveen Kumar Attavar, Gen. Secretary Madhav Poojary & Main Sponsor Jitendra Suvarna accompanied the dignitaries, Chief Guest Prof. Thukaram Poojary, Mrs. Prof. Ashalatha Poojary, Shri Chennakeshava Suvarna, Shri U. Narayan, Dr. Anchan (Oman Billawas), Krishna Naimpalli (Bahrain Billawas) to light the traditional LAMP.

  Chandana Dance was performed soon after by Samantha, Nindiya Prasad, Charishma, Shruti, Sanmatha, Purvi, Divya, Vinitha, Sharvari, Raksha, Shwetha & Raksha Salian.
Next was a Tulu skit called 'Kudchelana Prasanga' well perfomed by Rajesh Kuttar, Monappa, Dinesh, Sunil & Prabhakar Poojary.
  G.C.C Billawa Community Leaders were introduced to audience. President Mohan Attavar, Vice-President Praveen Kumar invited Guests from OMAN Billawas Dr. Anchan C.K., Shri Arun Kumar Sanil & Shri Umesh on to the stage. They were all presented with Shawl & Bouquet by Pravin Attavar. A Memento was presented to OMAN BILLAWAS by Mohan Attavar. Oman Billawas presented a beautiful memento to Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates as a token of love from Oman.  
  Sports Secretary of BDNE, Purushotham Salian along with his wife Joint Secretary, Yogitha Salian escorted President of Bahrain Billawas, Shri Krishna Naimpalli to the dias and was introduced to the audience. Naimpalli was honoured with shawl by Purushottam and flower bouquet by Yogita Salian while Mohan Attavar presented the Memento.  

The following members of the community who excelled in sports were honored by Shri Krishna Naimpalli, President of Bahrain Billawas.

Junior Champions (below 15 yrs.)


Senior Champions (Above 15 yrs.)



Manohar Tonse, Chief Convenor of Billawa Balaga Abu Dhabi along with other Committee Members were also invited on to the dias and was felicitated with Shawl and Bouquet by Pravin Attavar, Memento was presented by Mohan Attavar.

A fusion dance called 'Laaga Chunri Mein Daag' and 'Born To Fly' was presented by Udi Sharvani, Vaishali Sreejith & Samyuktha Nethra.

A retro dance by Shruti, Vikyath, Suhan, Nindiya, Samanth, Mayur, Charishma & Sachin was worth watching. This was followed by a filmy dance called 'Preetiye Ninna' presented by Anshul & Shravya Prasad


A Kannada filmy dance called 'Bindaas hudigi' was beautifully presented by Jashmitha, Deepa Jagannath, Kiran Raj, Tanuja Sunil, Smitha Uday, Jayashree Sudhakar, Lavina Kishore, Keerthi Santhosh, Beena Rajesh, Nisha Ashwin.

Kids Dance titled 'All the Best & Ayla re ayla' by tiny 9-12 age group, Piyush, Shashank, Shamit, Harshit, Aakash, Aman, Bhoomika, Gauri, Treesha, Akeesha & Pranjal was very well applauded.
Guru Charitable Trust , our partners in Charity was introduced to the audience through audio visual presentation. The audience were spellbound by hearing about the work done by the trust which was presented by Shri Jayanand.


Later President Mohan Attavar, Treasurer Vittal Poojary, Education Secretary Uday Kumar Kateel, Ex- Gen Secretary Satish Poojary & Ex- Joint Secretary Suresh Amin escort Shri Chennakeshav to dias while Mohan Attavar presented a bouquet to Guest Chennakeshava. They explained to the audience about BDNE's education and charity policy which is the main objective.

Shri Chennakeshava presented shawl to people who donated money for education Scholarship and their names are Anup Kumar, Anand Anchan, Mukesh Kuckian, Arun Kunder, Pradeep Amin, Raman Rathod, Shashi Suvarna, Ramesh, Sushanth, Neeraj, Harish Suvarna, Shahshikanth Kanagi, Sathish Kanagi & Prasanth. They were all thanked for encouraging a noble cause.

Praveen Attavar escorted another guest U Narayan to the dias who was then introduced. He was felicitated with Shawl & Memento. U. Narayan later presented the BDNE Service Award to Committee Members, Shodhan Prasad, Deepak S.P, Shyamala Krishna Poojary & Rajani Kuckian in recognition of their service.

  Education Committee Secretary, Uday Kumar Kateel & Joint Sec Jayashree escorted Prof. Thukaram Poojary on to the dais to present Academic Excellence Award to Miss. Sneha Krishna Poojari who Scored CGPA 3.51 in MBA Finance from Manipal University in June 2010, Suhan Attavar - Scored CGPA 9.6 in 10th Std CBSE exams held in March 2010, Miss Anusha Bailoor Scored CGPA 9.4 in 10th Std. CBSC exam held in March 2010 & Abhishek Kuckian - Scored CGPA 9.2 in 10th Std CBSE exams held in March 2010.  

A dance number called 'Kaal' was very well presented by Mohan Raj, Manashwetha, Nisha Sudhir, Sudhir, Prashant, Rajesh Kuthar, Naveen, Nigesh, Sunil & Deepak. This was followed by a 'Lavani' dance by Raksha, Vineeta, Divya, Apporva, Sanmata, Shweta, Purvi & Shravya. Continued by a Skit presented by Sunil, Rajesh & Manashwetha.

This was followed by a Solo Dance by Vikyath the winner of Boogi Woogi dance show which mesmerized the audience.

Bharata Bhagya Vidhata a dance play was very well presented by Shruti Poojary, Suvarna, Satish Poojary, Shravan, Anshul, Monappa, Prabhakar Poojary, Smitha Uday, Laveena Kishore, Sneha Krishna Poojary, Ganesh Kotian, Tanuja Sunil, Jayshree Sudhakar, Deepa Jagannath, Keerthana Santosh, Nisha Ashwin, Nijesh Kumar, Naveen, Rajesh Belapu, Samantha, Sanmatha, Charishma, Nindiya, Purvi, Vinita, Divya & Shwetha,

  Later Various Community Organizations leaders were presented with flower bouquet by President Mohan Attavar. Shri Sarvotham Shetty - President Karnataka Sangha Abu Dhabi, Bala Amin of UAE Mogaveers, Prakash Payyar - President Dhwani Prathisthana, Ravi Karkala - President Padmashali UAE, Rajendra Pejavar of Vishwakarma Seva Samithi & Herman Lewis - Managing Director RADIO SPICE were called on to the stage and presented with Shawl & Flower bouquet. Also Ganesh Rai - Ex- President Karnataka Sangha Sharjah, Ashok Belman on behalf of B.G. Mohandas, Ex-President of Karnataka Sangha Dubai & Editor-in-chief - Gulf Kannadiga .com along with Sujay Bendore on behalf of Walter Nandalike Editor in Chief of DAIJIWORLD.COM, Vinay Kumar of NAMMA TV and Shoban of Sameeha Studio were also called on to the stage and felicitated with Shawl, Memento and flower bouquet.  
The formal function was very well conducted by Vinay in pure Tulu. Chief Guest Thukaram Poojary & Smt. Ashalatha Poojary, Guest Chennakeshava, Guest Mohan Raj, Main Sponsor Jitendra Suvarna, President Mohan Attavar, Vice-President Praveen Kumar Attavar, Gen. Secretary Madhav Poojary, Education Secretary Uday Kumar Kateel, Ex-Gen Secretary Satish Poojary were welcomed on to the stage.
General Secretary Madhav Poojary read out the annual report while Jitendra Suvarna gave a speech on Billawas Dubai's Objective. All the guests and Satish Poojary were felicitated with Shawl, Flower Bouquet and Memento. Shri Jitendra Suvarna explained the objective of BDNE and the importance of education. In response to the felicitation Shri Chennakeshav spoke about Billawas Dubai & NE's contribution towards education of poor children and also appealed that the relationship between BDNE & Guru Charitable Trust should further flourish. Chief guest spoke about our traditions and culture. Shri Mohanraj praised BDNE members for preserving and spreading our culture among youngsters. Shri Satish Poojary said that it is important to contribute towards Billawas cause rather than expecting from BDNE. President Mohan Attavar once again explained the main objective of BDNE. In a rare gesture he urged the people who have gone away from BDNE to join back the parent organization. He said that the doors are always open for them. He also spoke about BDNE's future plans.

After lunch a beautiful dance was performed by Astha Group comprising of Mayur, Suhan, Vikhyat, Sachin, Vinod, Nindiya, Shruti, Charishma, Sridevi, Samanta & Sneha was appreciated.
Munni Badnam was performed by Shravan, Vineet, Shrajan, Raksha, Vineeta, Divya, Apporva, Sanmata, Shweta, Purvi & Shravya.

Young Talent Award & Young Entrepreneur Awards were presented to the identified members of the community. Entertainment Secretary Jagannath Bellare & Joint Sec Deepa Jagannath escorted Anil Bangera, CEO of Metrohm Middle East FZC to Dias to do the honors to Vikyath Poojary - Boogie Woogie Dance Winner, Miss Shruthi Poojary for her contribution to Billawas function through her dance and Abhishek Poojary Gladrags contestant and an upcoming model.
Anil Bangera, CEO of Metrohm Middle East FZC also presented Young Entrepreneurs Award to Nishan J Suvarna for his achievements.
  Thereafter 'Shakara Shashidhara' a beautiful solo number was very well presented Mohan Raj.
Ganapati fusion dance was presented by Jashmitha, Beena Rajesh, Manashwetha, Deepa Jagannath, Nisha Sudhir, Nisha Ashwin, Sudhir, Nijash, Prashant, Sunil, Monappa, Mohan, Prabhakar, Ramanand, Rajesh Belapu & Yogesh Salian.

Another Fusion dance presented by Mayur, Suhan, Vikhyat, Sachin, Nindiya, Shruti, Charishma, Sridevi, Sneha & Samanta was really appreciated.
A small skit titled 'Jigi Bigi Chaddi' by Mohan, Prashanth, Ganesh Kotian and Monappa was well presented.

A beautiful Krishna dance by Choreographer Prasanna Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Prashant & Vinita was the next item followed by presentation of flower bouquet to all the Well Wishers of the programme.

  A Yakshagana dance ballet titled 'Shiva Panchakshari Mahime was well presented by the active Community members from Abu Dhabi Billawa Balaga lead by Dinesh Kuddkal with participation of Harish Pangala, Santhosh Mulky, Nithin Kinnigoli, Kiran Naddikur, Nagesh Kattel & Nagaraj Mulky.
Another Yakshagana titled 'Hari Sankalpa' by active Dubai BDNE Members lead by enthusiastic Prabhakar Suvarna and with participation of Suvarna Sathish, Sowmya Vasanth, Yogitha Salian, Shamala Poojary, Jyothi Deepak, Usha Ganesh, Ramesh Kulshekar & Kishor Gatty really mesmerized the audience. The participation of Ramesh Kulshekar a noted Yakshagana artist who came all the way from India gave a good traditional touch.

Kamsale dance by Mohan Raj, Rajesh Kuthar, Sunil, Rajesh Belapu, Mohan, Nijesh, Sudhir, Naveen & Prashanth gave a thunderous applause. Artist Movments was another performance presented by Rajesh Kuthar, Jashmitha, Prashanna Kumar, Kishore Gatty, Ravi Uchil, Chidanand Poojary & Naveen Sequeira

'Tulunada Vaibhava' was well presented at the end of all the stage presentations, punched a memorable record in the minds of the audience. This audio, visual & live presentation had record number of participation is a concept directed by Shodhan Prasad in co-operation with various enthusiastic members of BDNE Committee who participated in various acts. For the first time in UAE tiger dance was presented to the beat of live band.

Entertainment Secretary, Jagannath Bellare and his wife Deepa Jagannath concluded the vote of thanks at the end of the programme. Due to shortage of time, BDNE was unable to honour the Support Sponsors and felicitate them as planned.
Shodhan Prasad compeered the entire show while Vinay Kumar ably assisted him in the 'Sabha Karyakram' with his fluent tulu.


All in all It was a marvelous and memorable event presented by Billawas Dubai & Northern Emirates witnessed by more than 1000 jam packed crowd who did not even want to leave the auditorium till the end.

Sujay Bendur, former member of Billawas Dubai arrived all the way from Mangalore to attend the event, and covered the event for daijiworld.

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